Our Story

The founders are connected to this area as they are from this area and love the most to spend vacation days in the Mediterranean. We just love the landscape, weather, the food and the people. Registered under Inteli Codex, LLC (Limited Liability Company) in Chicago, IL, USA.

The founder’s many years old idea to build this platform was put off year by year until not, some 15 years later. The point is that it is never to late to pursue your dreams and turn them into reality. If you find people to join you, even better. If not, just go for it. They will show up…

Our mission

We specialize in the Mediterranean Area. Some 20 countries only. We are specific to that region only as we are familiar with it and want to provide best quality service for our customers in this region. That gives us the power to better customize our services to your needs.

This depends on you and your feedback. We can improve our service to you only if you share your feedback with us. We are open to hear your suggestions and questions to address them in the best way we can. Your comments are welcome as well as you are.