Become A Representative!

You can grow and earn with Mare Nostrum.

How does it work?


Sign up

Sign up for a free PARTNER account. Partner is a Independent Representative of MareNostrum.


Wait for an Interview

You will fill out an application form and in few days you will have an interview.


Start Registering New Services

Get new accommodation services to Mare Nostrum.


Hotels have several rooms so bringing one to Mare Nostrum has multiple earning benefits for the partner.


List your own and bring friends to Mare Nostrum and earn from two income streams.

Villas / Cabins

Bring highly desirable family vacationing places / houses which are more expensive so their earning potential is greater.


Can anyone become a partner/representative?

No. You have to have certain qualifications to become a partner. There are several categories to be evaluated in and if you have a passing score you can become a partner.

How much money can I make.

That entirely depends on you, your skills, work ethic and social/negotiation skills with people. You can earn as much as you want depending on how successful you are.

What are the categories to be evaluated?

Influencer or not, technical skills, knowledge or background in tourism, travel industry and marketing, knowing more than one language, your physical location. These all are evaluated with score points.

What do I have to do?

In short: bring new accommodation services and maintain / coordinate with them to stay up-to date with their information. Earn money when they are booked on Mare Nostrum.