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How does it work?


Sign up

Sign up for a free PARTNER account. Yes, there is no cost to it but you can earn money for yourself. Local Expert are Independent Representatives of Mare Nostrum whose services are available to Mare Nostrum and local tourist agencies.


Wait for an Interview

You will fill out an application form and in few days you will have an interview. Interview will determine your geo-areas and timing availability your services could provide to Mare Nostrum and other agencies.


Get Listed on Mare Nostrum

After a successful interview your services will be listed on Mare Nostrum website. You will get your own Mare Nostrum Local Expert web page and a booking calendar for your tour appointments.

Share the beauty of your city

Your Services Include:

Tours & Activities

Explore different tours and activities to make your tourist’s visit enjoyable and memorable experience. Make them want more and come back the next year.

Sight-seeing Tours

Visit the famous and interesting places of local areas with your as a Local Expert Guide. Earn money while providing unforgettable experiences to tourists visiting your area.

Multisport Tours & Trips

Take them for a wild ride. Bicycling in the woods or mountains and kayaking on the lakes and rivers.


Who can become a local expert?

Anyone with credentials or experience in this kind of service. You have to speak at least one additional language.

How long does this process take?

It takes about one week to get on a face-to-face call with you to complete the application process and approve you.

What does the interview process involve?

You filling out the application so we get to know you. Second step is face interview via Zoom or Skype so we get more details from you.

What online tools do I get as a Local Expert?

We will set you up with your web page including your bio. You will also get your own appointment calendar integrating with your Google calendar.

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