If you’ve ever used our services before, you know that MareNostrum.uk offers online travel-related services through our own websites and mobile apps, as well as through other online platforms like partners’ websites and social media. Why mention every one of these? It’s good to know that all the information that follows applies to not one, not two, but all of these platforms. We have several platforms, but one Privacy Statement.

This one Privacy Statement applies to any kind of information we collect through these platforms or other means connected to these platforms (like emailing our Customer Service team, for example). It makes reading all of this a lot simpler. If you’re one of our business partners, check out our Privacy Statement for Business Partners as well, to understand how personal data is further processed as part of the business relationship.

We might amend the Privacy Statement from time to time. If you care about your privacy, visit this page regularly to know exactly where you stand. If we make changes to the Privacy Statement which will have an impact on you (e.g. if we intend to process your personal data for other purposes than communicated in the past in this Privacy Statement), we’ll notify you of these changes before the new activities begin.

Why does MareNostrum.uk collect and use your personal data?

The main reason we ask you for personal details is a very good one – it’s to help administer your online bookings and ensure you get the best service possible. We also use your personal data to contact you and inform you about our latest deals and special offers that we think would interest you. There are other uses, too – if you’d like to find out what they are, keep reading for a more detailed explanation.

How does MareNostrum.uk share your data with third parties?

There are different parties integrated into the MareNostrum.uk services in various ways for various reasons. The main purpose is to share your data relevant for your Trip with the Trip Provider to complete your Trip Reservation. There are also other parties that can receive some of your data, which are parties we involve to provide you with the MareNostrum.uk services. These include financial institutions, advertisers, subsidiaries of the MareNostrum.uk corporate family and other affiliates of the Booking Holdings Inc. corporate family, or in some cases if we are required by applicable law, governmental or other authorities. We do not sell or rent your personal data. Below we’ll go into more detail about how the information you share with us is used and exchanged with these parties.

How does MareNostrum.uk process communications that you and your booked Trip Provider might send to MareNostrum.uk?

MareNostrum.uk can help you and Trip Providers exchange information and requests about their services and existing Trip Reservations, directing the communications through MareNostrum.uk. If you want to find out more about how MareNostrum.uk receives and handles these communications, read on here.

How does MareNostrum.uk use social media?

The use of social media services may be integrated with the MareNostrum.uk services in various ways, which can involve us collecting some of your personal data or the social media provider receiving some of your information. If you’d like to learn more about how this information is used and exchanged, keep reading.

What security and retention procedures does MareNostrum.uk put in place to safeguard your personal data?

We adhere to appropriate and adequate procedures to prevent unauthorized access to, and the misuse of, personal data that we process.

How does MareNostrum.uk treat personal data about children?

Unless otherwise indicated, MareNostrum.uk is a service you’re only allowed to use if you’re over 16 years old. We only process information about children with the consent of the parents or legal guardians or when the information is provided to use by the parents or legal guardian.

How can you control the personal data you’ve given to MareNostrum.uk?

You always have the right to review the personal information we keep about you. You can request an overview of your personal data by emailing us at the email address below. If you want to find out more about your rights to control your personal data, read more here.

Who’s responsible for the processing of personal data on the MareNostrum.uk website and apps?

MareNostrum.uk, A project of InteliCodex LLC, located in Chicago IL, U.S.A., controls the processing of personal data on its websites and mobile apps.

More data coming soon…